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Alice Amelia Savitski is an emerging mix media artist who is creating body of works that educates the public about domestic abuse and how it impacts all of us. She covers topics such as domestic abuse and its effects on society, women's rights and which are delving from her own experiences with overcoming abuse. As a victim of domestic abuse, Alice has been able to overcome violence through a supportive community. She has worked through past experiences by creating beautiful, healing sprit-driven bodies of work to display her physical and mental emotions. In 2012, an unknown donor gave Alice a gift of self-awareness and self-love treatment at North Memorial Mental Health Clinic. Because of this donor, she has a new outlook on life. Quoted by Alice “I know that I am not worthless; I am unique, irreplaceable and necessary. In short, I AM WORTH IT.”  Within weeks, Alice learned many amazing life skills such as bounties, to forgive others and myself, how to work through feelings without resorting to self-harm or suicide by the most talented compassion therapist.


Over the past seven years, she has made great gains in her personal life. Alice’s work is now on displayed at many different hospitals and clinics in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Southern Minnesota and tri-mid-western United States Region. Presently prints of my work are being sold through Art Force, www.Artforce.org located in Minneapolis, MN, please contact them if you would like to purchase prints. Or visit www.aliceasavitski.com for up coming shows, originals works for sale or reach out.